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Modern Nursery is a website that caters for all your baby’s needs.  The wide range of product categories includes bedding, furniture, décor, baby equipment, gifts, toys and artwork.  Modern Nursery is aimed at people who are looking for modern items for their baby and is aimed at the luxury end of the market.  Many of the items sold are fun and colourful. The one baby product type that is not available on this website is clothing.  

In addition to the products available, Modern Nursery also offers a gift registry service.  This allows you to select the items that you would like to receive as a gift, perhaps at a baby shower, to avoid the unnecessary returning of unwanted presents.

Images and prices are clearly displayed on the website, with any discounts or offers shown below the item. The website is easy to use and has a simple cart and checkout procedure.

Modern Nursery: What makes it different?

Although Modern Nursery sells products that are similar to those available on a number of other sites, there are several key differentiators.  First of all, this site allows you to track your order.  Secondly, while gift registry is a service that is commonly found in stores that supply wedding gifts, very few baby supplies websites offer this service.  Another unusual feature is the assistance page.  This answers any frequently asked questions in relation to payment, delivery, refund and returns policy and the tracking of orders.  Finally, the style and the pricing of the products mean that the products are aimed at a very specific market, rather than just all parents as many of the other baby supplies websites are.  

Modern Nursery vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Modern Nursery)

Kiddicare is one of the best known leading rivals of Modern Nursery.  One difference is that Kiddicare also clothes.  It is also aimed at a wider market as the products cover a wider price range.  However, Kiddicare does not offer the services that Modern Nursery offers.  It is a product based website.

Mamas & Papas is another leading rival of Modern Nursery.  Similarly to Kiddicare, this website also offers clothes but does not offer the service of order tracking or gift registry.  The main similarity of this site to Modern Nursery is that it is aimed at a similar market to that of Modern Nursery. 

A final leading rival of Modern Nursery is Mothercare.  Again, this offers similar products to Modern Nursery, Kiddicare and Mamas & Papas. Iterms bought from Mothercare are less expensive than those offered by Modern Nursery.   Unlike Modern Nursery, clothing is one of the product ranges that are available.  However, unlike the other two leading rivals, Mothercare does offer additional services, such as shopping planner and price match facilities.  

Modern Nursery: Pricing & packages

The pricing of the products is aimed at the higher end of the market making it a more expensive choice than many of its leading rivals. For example, Modern Nursery sells a wide range of crib bedding sets.  These start at $185 and can cost up to $494.  In comparison, the majority of leading rival websites offer similar products for less than $100.   However, they are competitive within the luxury products market and you pay for the quality of the product.  The prices are shown clearly below the images of each item, along with any savings that you are making and any offers that you may qualify for. 

As well as offering many items at discounted prices, one offer that is available with many of the products is that the items are sold without tax being included in the price, therefore offering a saving on the items purchased.  This offer only applies to US customers.  Another offer that they make is to deliver the goods with no shipping costs on all orders over $99. With many items, both offers are applicable so there are great savings to be made.  In some cases, the savings that are made may outweigh the additional cost of the products in comparison to rival websites that do not offer the same savings.  

Modern Nursery: Product images & screenshots
Modern Nursery Coupons
Modern Nursery: Customer reviews & comments

Although Modern Nursery does not have its own reviews and testimonials section, there are many other reviews available for this website on the internet that offer mixed feedback.  Negative reviews include complaints about the length of the shipping time and not receiving orders within a reasonable timescale.  There are also mixed reviews about the order tracking service.  Some customers have found the order tracking service easy to use and very helpful, while others have found that they have had problems, such as the tracking number that they have been given not relating to the products that they have ordered. 

However, positive reviews far outweigh negative feedback for this site.  Most customers feel that they have had good communication and excellent service from Modern Nursery’s customer service team.  Queries about products are dealt with by staff that are well informed about the products that they are selling and customers have been given helpful advice and information to help them make their purchases.  Also, most customers are satisfied with the goods that they have received and the length of time from ordering the products to receiving them.  Feedback includes comments about the value for money of the products and the excellent quality of the items that they have purchased. Overall, the majority view of this website is that shopping at Modern Nursery is an easy process and that the products and services offered are of a good standard.

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